Ten poorest presidents in the world

Ten poorest presidents in the world 

It might be astounding to note that even those who rule countries still have a poor life. With this I will list the ten poorest presidents that we ever had in the world

(1) Pope Francis($0) of vatican; Also known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who assumed leadership of the state of vatican in march 2013 after the resignation of pope Benedict XVI.Vatican is the smallest country in the world.

(2)Mahmoud Ahmadinejad($3, 000) of Iran; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is been president of Iran since August 2005 and leader of a coalition of conservative groups in his country called the Alliance of Builders if Islamic Iran.

(3)Hamid Karzai($6, 300) of Afghanistan; He's been the president of Afghanistan since December 2001

(4)Robert Mugabe($18, 000) of Zimbabwe; He's been president of Zimbabwe since December 1987.He took power in 1980 as prime minister before becoming president in 1987.

(5)Marin Raykov($26, 929) of Bulgaria; He's been acting prime minister of Bulgaria since March 2013.He took over after the resignation of the previous prime minister Boyko Borisov,  who had been accused of money laundering, connection with organized crime,  curtailing press freedom racism e.t.c.

(6)Pranab Kumar Mukherjee($32, 216) of India; Hes been president of India since july 2012.He has been with the government for over 40 years and served in Gandhi's tenure.

(7) Alexander Lukashenko(33, 873) of Belarus; He has been president of Belarus since July 1994. Often considered as the last dictator of Europe,  He has maintained strict government control over the countrys crucial industries going against the trend of democracy.

(8) Xi Jinping($39, 720) of China Republic; Xi Jinping is been president of the peoples republic of China,  the largest nation in the world and as well as the general secretary of the communist party of China to which he belong and chairman of the General Military Commission.He is also a member of the poliburo.

(9)Federico Franco($40, 000) of Paraguay; Became president of Paraguay in June 2012.He is actually a surgeon by profession before the love of the politics moved him into the government.

(10)Borut Pahor(44, 280) of Slovenia; Became president of his country in December 2012 after beating the then incumbent president Danilo Turk in a run-off election. He is a member of the Social Democrats Party and as well served in the countrys national assembly for a number of terms.

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