Teens shouldn't focus more on dating but they should focus more on Education. The foundation of a teenager it's based on education. When we talk of education, l am referring to Listening and obeying.  We should give an ear to our Parents and Teachers because they know better than us.  

Before thinking of settle down with a man please check the following : Are you ready?  Ain't you doing it because of peer pressure? Are you sexually abused at home by a step dad?

Well if you doing it because of one of things mentioned above then you are not ready . You are being forced by the situation.  Before you think of settling down with a man make you have something to present. You need to skillful. Have an experience of something like Cashier , receptionist, Baker, Call center, Barister /Waitress, e. tc if you are sexually abused you need to report to the nearest police station without fear thus safeguarding your future. 

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