Teenagers & their Learning from us.

Living in this society and raising as a moral human being, one thing we all know and perfectly understand that we can feel awkward if we live alone. It is quite impossible and hard nut to crack to live alone without having some helping hands all around you. What I meant to say is simple. We need people to live our life and solve our issues. We are a completely social beings and living alone is all against our moral values. Because we help each other. Sounds beautiful, right?

Well, everything on this planet has a different shades too. According to the famous scientist Newton's 3rd law, everything has a same and opposite force. Every action has reaction too. The thing I want to explain is about having some problems while living with other people in your society. People not only help each other but also they become the root cause of some problems too. Infact, we face maximum problems because of them. Our next generation are learning from them. It is a common thing nowadays to see the misbehaves of the teenagers. They are listening, learning and finally applying those lessons on us. Different types of problems are generated and the teenagers are learning those methods. Today we are going to discuss about them. So, fasten your seat belts and let's have a ride with me.

Quarreling: Have you noticed one thing that teenagers are quarreling much now with their parents, friends and relatives? If you simply think about the past ages, you will find that the rate was far below comparing present age. People then were also putting their suggestions in front of their elders but not like this way. Nowadays, they completely disrespect the elders and they never feel guilty for that. Even we feel ashamed for that but they don't. The reason is simple. The quarrels of parents which is increasing day by day has put a negative impact on them. They learnt that and now they think that it is the best way to put the demand on the table.

Stealing: The rise of technology and gadgets have influenced the teenagers to get more connected with the upgrade systems. They demand it from their parents and they get denial from them, they steal money. Open the social media or online news portals and you will find hundreds of news based on it. They are stealing money but haven’t they learnt that from us? Corruption news are very common now. Teenagers are having those news and finding it a very normal thing. So they are willing to follow the shortcut way.

Depression: Teenagers have more depression. This is not a joke anymore. Less sleep at night and over thinking about future are forcing them to get depressed. The pressure of getting extra marks in exams and getting a better job to settle down in life is a complete black and dark set up which is set by none other but us. This is the trauma that we, the society is giving them. So how do we expect a better life from them if we are setting a dark shield for them?

We are the mirror of our next generations. Society is a matter to stand with each other. But it also becomes the reason of the failure of them. We should be more careful to set up a brighter future for them.

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