Teaching is not only lessons given by our teachers or professor's in school and Colleges. 

Teaching is given every person to whom we know but also by strangers whether it is good lessons or bad lessons. 

Our parents helps us in every matter and gives us good teaching. They are our inspiration of life. They give us our life's first lesson. They tell us how to handle situations of life by remembering their bad and good situations. 

We can say that parents are our best teachers of life. 

Books are also our best and good teacher that teaches us good lessons. Books like stories of people like Abraham Lincoln, Swami Vivekananda gives us inspiration to fight with our difficult situation. 

Books like Bible, Ramayana, Shri bhagwat Gita etc. tells us life values and also why we came to earth and what should we do to meet god. 

Teaching tells us how to live a good life style and how to react on difficult situations.

Teaching tells us we are one by heart and everything but difference is only religion names as all religion gives same teachings that is live united and pray god and get him.

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Gautam Chauhan - Mar 3, 2021, 4:30 PM - Add Reply

Nice article 😸😺👏👏👌

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