Swap ETH for KOKOCoin on UniSwap with Your Mobile

To trade the KOKOCoin (KKC) on UniSwap you need to

  • Have mobile browsers compatible to Web3 – Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet (mobile), and loaded with ETH
  • go to Uniswap
  • enter the address of the CryptoFranc contract: 0x1fdde7525783c36153a8a6b618e2b5210a23ce37

In the examples, I used Trust Wallet. In the first image, you will see a small amount of ETH, and I chose to swap this to KOKOCoin (KKC). It is pretty straightforward, you fill in the amount of ETH you want to use and click on the Select a token button and then search for KOKOCoin (KKC) by entering its smart contract address i.e. 0x1fdde7525783c36153a8a6b618e2b5210a23ce37. Then click the ‘Swap’ button.

And within a short time, you will have swapped ETH or any ERC20 token for KOKOCoin (KKC) .

As with any new exchange, it is wise to first try to swap a small amount before trading larger volumes.

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