Surprising Lessons For Work At Home Moms

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There's no shortage of opinions about women who stay home to raise their kids. But what does the research say? The top 8 findings have discovered about stay-at-home moms may surprise you.
1) Understand Your Man, target market!
That's right. Do you understand your target market Are you aware of her needs, desires, and driving ambitions? Does your website speak to your target audience?
If not, perhaps you should make some changes, or your website visitor or customer will be "as gone as a wild goose in winter" too!
2) A Boy Named Sue
Life ain't easy for a boy named Sue...and life ain't easy for a work-at-home mom either.
In your business, you will have those confidence killers, dream stealers, fun suckers...whatever you want to call them.
You will have people who try to tell you that you can't achieve your goals, that what you try won't work.
Don't let them get you down! This world is rough, and if you're gonna make it, you've gotta be tough. How can you get tough in your business?
3) Man In Black- or Branding 101
Are you working on your brand? In a world full of Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewises, how will you stand apart?
And remember, your target market doesn't have to be just like you- Johnny Cash wrote Folsom Prison Blues and connected with inmates when he had never yet stepped foot in jail!
4) Learn your business and you will succeed
Are you learning all you can about Internet Marketing so that you can succeed in your business?
Do you reinvest in ebooks, coaching and mentoring, and software?
5) Technology has its place but it can't take the place of humans.
Learn to use technology (like autoresponders) but remember that your website visitor is a human and inject some of yourself into your marketing efforts.
6) One Piece at a Time
Does your website look like a pieced-together jalopy?
Are you unwilling to spend any money on your own domain and hosting, content with a free site cluttered up with ads?
7) In The Jailhouse Now
Please don't throw away your hard work by doing one of the following things: Spamming, Copying other people's articles or content, Stealing graphics, Clicking on your Adsense ads.
Not keeping records and neglecting to pay taxes. It just isn't worth it, and you may find yourself in the jailhouse. Much better to Walk the Line so you can sleep at night.
8) Ring of Fire
Maybe you've made a bad choice... entered into a shotgun romance with a business that's not right for you.
Don't be afraid to realize this, chuck everything and start over!
Don't beat your head against the wall if, after working hard on a project, you decide it's just not profitable.
Better to find your match and pour your energies into that.

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