Sufferings and Realizations

More things are happening now, the way you treat yourself, the way you treat other people and stress that everyday we feel. What is happening now? Are we the one to blame these cases or these problems that we are facing now?

Or are we here to blame other people of our own misfortune or trials?

Today I see life in a new perspective way, a perspective that it is really hard to explain. Feelings maybe mutual for everybody but interpreted in a different manner.

Every morning when i woke up i feel stress Why? Because another day again but the same problem, another morning but same feeling. Struggles? Pain? Depression everything.

Where in the hell will I get money for this day. Same question everyday. Same situation everyday. When i looked at the mirror i saw myself full of burdens, beard grew to fast, wrinkles everywhere in my face and Oh my gosh I have lots of white hair.

Does anyone here feels me?I can see stress in my face. I feel so emotional, I feel I was losing my sanity but I need to be strong. I need to fight these things that triggers my depression.

GOSH do you feel me? Maybe some do not fee the way i feel it or maybe they are just silentvto what they feel.

Crying is my friend today, after crying in my room silently i feel at ease asking myself why life is too hard for some too hard for me. I tried everything but maybe it is not my luck yet. But when this stop or maybe until I die?

Am I treating myself properly or Am I stressing myself? My parents one time ask me why I feel emotional why I feel that I am not Ok, the only word I said I just tired I dont want them to know what really I am into. I want them to be happy and not a burden to them. I want them not to think of me. I want them to just enjoy their lives.

I will keep this feeling and no one will ever know that the smiles they see at me in the back of that full of sadness and stress.

I see some people very easy in life how come how they manage their life despite having nothing. I am not lazy I am not a bad person but why I feel this.

I will blame myself? Or blame God? What can you say about this. Sometimes I can say that life is really unfair. Maybe fair to those who are in a good life and unfair to those who really expereince it.

Some says I am doing great oh come on you are just saying this for me not to feel bad or you are just playing with me.

If I am doing great then why on earth I feel this? Maybe I am cursed? Hope not but I feel yes.

I know you are reading this article now and i know you feel the same, i know ww have the same thinking. Will I stop this or just continue life and reevaluate everything.

I know you have something to say then say it get up and shout at me saying Dont STOP believing everything will gonna be fine. Just pray or i will just sat down convincing myself that I am useless creature.

When you feel me start thinking what will you do treat yourself in a good way or not?

Godbless who shares his or her blessings.


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