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              Renewing one's life with a different self-image,a different view and a different thinking style is the most privileged alibi in one's existence. We all have to step into the challenge of changing what we think about and what we feel with even a simple tip.For everyone suffering the problematic state of mind,being under pressure of obsessive imagination or being unable to resist mental disturbances: trying these solutions leaves on you a healing and curing impact that induces a better,happier and a successful life.

         As a result,everyone's healing and improvement start from his/her own self. Beginning from this point,here is an array of wonderful advices that can transform your life into the better realm.

1-Bringing positive energy:

One can never think that the idea of energy is unimportant for humans as all over the universe and the existence in it is completely governed by energy. Channelling energy on the human is channelling it on the environment surrounding him and his own existence. It leads to certain types of outcomes according to the type of channelling which is used by him.The energy is basically known as having two sole types:positive and negative. Each type of them influences us and our life either for good or bad.Based on this crucial information, every human being should prepare himself to change into good and positive thinking and feeling.By adopting this idea and integrating it into one's life,life will transform bit by bit into the pleasant and the most gleeful.Only you who can precise and decide the type of energy among you and around you.

2-Good use of the law of attraction: 

In the light of energy, the universe is in mutual relationship with the inner working of human being. What everyone lives and takes and receives from events occurring to him is what the universe acts to him according to the allure of influences it has from the energy stored with the human entity.So,our life is the undeniable and the eminent result of our own thoughts and our relationship with ourselves. This system of allurement is known as the law of attraction. It implies that we are the influencing agents of our own lives and our mind is the producer of our state of life.Any idea or prospect of an event taking a particular space of our thought is surely able to happen and come true,either good or bad.Therefore,one should try to attract only the pleasant and the good for himself as best as he could,a thing which is not difficult and does never take a laborious effort to conduct.Only leave every space available in your thought for the best so that only the best can happen and show out throughout your own life. Try to give and transmit to the universe only the best energetic channels through integrating the best thought into your  own way of life.The universe is under influence of every channel of energy and every idea and expectation you bear in your mind,and it listens to it and moves according to it.Then,you can either turn your own life and the world you live in either to your favour or your detriment. So,think good,live good...

3-Necessity of optimism:

Being optimistic is the essential key for survival and feeling the real sense of life.It provides us with an inside strength to face the eminent collapse and inside destruction. It is a realization that life has things to desire survival for  and which merit standing still for.If optimism and thinking the good to come are taken as an integral part of one's life,one is to end up happily. As they are the basis of improvement and easiness of his life.Only the best follows after taking on an optimistic life.Be optimistic, expect the good, and you will see it coming into you.To make this tangible,just have optimism within yourselves from the beginning of the day until your sleeping night.


Meditation or mind sporting has a very positive impact on human psyche as it provides it with serenity and well-being. To meditate, is to sit alone in a lonesome place and to see and think over the breathing process,then use it to attract something desired apart from attracting quietness.It is a very wonderful stress relieving impetus to preserve inside and outside stability. Devoting one moment in a day to meditation is incredibly sufficient for cooling and easing all the agony and uneasiness perturbating frenzies of the mind and feeling that can contain anyone of us in a long time a day.It creates a favourable possibility for dealing calmly and coolly with critical issues and distresses surfacing into his life.

5-Avoiding permanently the company of negative people:

Everyone unavoidably is conditioned and moulded according to the things and people surrounding him unconsciously even though not wanting to be.If he is entoured by bad or negative people,their negativity will indefinitely sweep into him unwillingly or powerfully and turn him into a negative person, then will risk having his life worsened automatically. As said before,our life is the fruit of the energy we channel into ourselves. Consequently, trying to stay aloof from the wrong type of people as best as it could be can be fruitful in whiling away negativity and in preserving immunity from the destructive impact negative people and time-wasting parasites can have upon you.To secure this,be aloof from complaining, nonsense talking and pessimistic persons.Let them dwell in their own misery and step and have your own life.

6-Rejecting to participate in misery-laden talks:

Among the most marvellous hacks for preserving your equilibrium and head your own lives toward happiness and success is to attract to yourselves the fruitful relationships, events,gifts, and offers .Through heading to adopt a positive mindset,you can draw to yourselves the best experience,the best events,the best news,and the best people who are talented ,happy and successful. Therefore, whenever you find a group of people chatting and blabbering about their misery and their own enumerated problems over and over,you should stride away from them.Whenever anybody nagging and overspeaking about his poverty and helplessness ,you should ignore him and go your own way.This kind of people are a destructive and devastating illness that everyone should prevent and resist.They can channel their sickening transmissions which are with weakening impact.It is preferable to surround yourselves with well-cultivated,thoughtful,optimistic,smiling,happy and open-minded persons.

7-Avoid bizantine and fultile discussions:

It is also beneficial to stop indulging in talks and debates that always contain shouts,over instinctive segments and high-levelled voices for no good.These talks are emitted from people each of which does never listen to one another and therefore they are never willing to accept any information based on facts and truthful knowledge and often do they prove that they are ignorant and lacking any knowledge enabling them to be enlightened. They almost suffer useless arrogance and futile narcissism. For these critical reasons,keeping the farthest distance possible from them is time profit , energy preservation ,depression-preventive and anti-stress drug.Eventually, it is advisable to engage in other profitable and advantageous activities like reading books,listening to music,writing and talking with better people via social media instead of participating in time and energy-consuming conversations and discussions are best solutions to prevent sorrow,regret,and suffering from the negative aftermath of arguing with such people.

         In nut's shell,integrating positive life style and welcoming positivity into one's life are basic steps of self-change and life improvement. They enable to join the team of successful public figures,businesspeople and entrepreneurs. Renewing life with an optimistic flavour deeply serves to attract success,happiness and easiness of achieving all the wishes and goals.It's high time to say”No” to misery and affirm “Yes” to happiness and optimism.


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