Sports Vs eSports

I really want to say that I was into sports from very young age ( maybe 3 or 4 ) my father always wanted me to become a national level swimmer. He wanted me to do something in sports so my family never forced me for studies. I must say sports brought a huge change in my life. I learnt to socialize more I got to know more and more people because I used to travel and I used to play. During the pandamic the stagnation period came to my sporting career and it made me depressed as sports was like a key to freedom for me. At that time I got introduced by my friend to online gaming. I first used to play PUBG and got interested. I will not say I was addicted but I was eager to learn something different from field sports. When PUBG got banned I started playing COD. At that time luckily I got a chance to meet one YouTuber online he was into the online gaming. I saw his gameplay I talked with him and I got to know that eSports is an interesting line of sports which is now a growing industry. He motivated me to play more and more sports online and because of his guidance only I got to the platform of YouTube as a girl gamer. I will never forget that what both field game and online gaming have done to me how it has changed my life when one side stopped it opened another way to shine for an introvert like me to talk and communicate with people feel free because you are on camera not face to face. It gave me a different reason to enjoy and to show my skills. Today I am an YouTuber with 134 subscribers in just 10 months and my content is online gaming I just want to say thank you to that one person who helped me to grow to this much. Thank you Pallav sa you are 5 years younger than me but you will always be respected as a mentor to me. Thank you 

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