Once there was this Spanish man and the English woman , That no one will ever think they are SOULMATE , For every moment them heart is so connect there love is so powerful and uncondition love .

 For not nothing them will say , A love that is the heart will only speak from  his eyes you will see the Love for her , And from her heart will speak you are mine the one that belong to only if you know how much and how true my love is for you.

 For not to know how he feel about her in every Second of the day ,as she say to him, in your eyes I can see your Love for me, from your heart to mine I can feel your touch as our soul connect .

 Baby all I want is you in my arm you I belong to, I want to hold you touch you feeling your sweet lips you are in my heart you live in my heart every day feeling my chest how my heart beat for you . 

  In my dreams you are , For the tenderness of your Love , Let  our love take Control  , And let the light of your Love Shine on me ,For your love is so beautiful, so beautiful. 

 For these nights that pass by  looking at the stars searching for a  sign to reach to you  with great Wisdom  for you , Looking into my eyes seeing all the Love I have for you.


                  AUTHOR BY : Meda Joanah Sieusankar


©All Rights Reserved

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Tammy Sturgell - Nov 26, 2021, 2:10 AM - Add Reply

Beautiful. We truly can make or break each other with words or even looks. Always spread happiness and joy. Love your story.

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