Six Cafty of Ways To Save at The Grocery Store

Look for sales, in the flyers or once you get to a store.  Sometimes if the best before is a couple days away it's thirty percent off. Even the good brands. 

Watch expiry dates grocery stores are busy  sometimes I've noticed things like chocolate bars and cookies past the date.  Try to at the date.

Never buy brand name cereal.  Unless you have a coupon.  Brand name cereal is more than double the price.  Even for smaller boxes.

Look foreally in store sales.  Some grocery stores in Ontario have sales, that are not always in the flyers. 

Don't panic buy, especially with products that have expiry dates. 

If it's canned food, or those peaches come in small plastic containers ok. Otherwise think if your really going to need a whole buggy full of yogurt,  eggs, and vitamins.  



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