Six Affirmations to a Millionaire Mindset

Having the correct mindset is crucial if you want to become a millionaire. You cannot afford to think like a loser who tends to see failures and blame factors other than themselves for all the problems they are in. An effective way to develop a millionaire mindset is by using affirmations – declarations that resonate with you. Here are 6 affirmations to develop a millionaire mindset:

1. I am a superb money magnet.

To become a millionaire, you want to draw as much money and as many money-making opportunities as possible. 

2. I manage all my income with ease. 

To be wealthy, you need to know how to be an excellent money manager. It is pointless to earn millions if you end up spending everything.

3. I take consistent yet massive actions to increase my total net worth.

One must be committed and be willing to take action to achieve his goal of becoming a millionaire.

4. Money flows to me endlessly regardless of where I am and what I am doing.

One of the most desirable situations for everyone is to have a steady yet strong income stream regardless of the industry they are in.

5. My ability to earn and invest money increases exponentially day by day.

You want to be able to accumulate your knowledge on wealth creation on a daily basis so that you can implement them to earn your millions!

6. I become rich by adding values to other people’s life.

One must not only become rich but also teach other people how to become rich themselves. It is through the creation of values in other people’s lives that makes a person richer.


Pick one affirmation that resonates with you the most. If used often enough, they will change your view about money and make you rich from within to prepare you for your millions. Alternatively, you can always develop your own! =)

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