Seven things to do that will make you fat in less than 30 days

Seven things to do to make you fat in less than 30 days

Many people have always want to put on weight and get fat. Getting fat is a very good thing if done in the right way. Here I would be giving out seven safe ways you can get fat in less than a month

 1. Eat well. If you eat well, there are tendency that you would gain weight, but this eating well depends on the class of food you eat, so I would advise you to eat food that contains a lot of calories and fat as this would boost your weight speedily

 2. Drink proteinous drinks. Not onlu eating is needed of you want to put in weight, you also need to drink proteinous drink like milk and others. This would also increase your weight and make you fat.

 3. Reduce stress. This is another way to make you gain weight. Reducing stressful works can also Increase your weight tendency.

 4. Sleep well. Sleeping and relaxation of the body can also make you gain weight speedily. Learn always to give your body rest.

 5. Eat fruits. This also increase your tendency of gaining weight. The fact that you eat good fruits can suppy your body the nesscary nutrients and vitamins that your body needs.

 6. Use multivitamins supplements. This also increase the tendency of gaining weight. Using multivitamins supplements give your body the necessary nutrients that your body needs and enhance your weight gain.

 7. Reduce drugs intake. This also can also contribute to your weight gain. Learn never to abuse drugs as some drugs have great influence on your weight, so learn never to use drugs anyhow but seek doctor advice before using drugs.

 Follow this steps and live an healthy lifestyle.

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