Self improvement some points

*"Self respect"*

we will explore three areas of  respect ,self respect, respect for others and others people's respect for you.

All three of these areas of respect are very important respecting yourself means giving and defining your own worth and value as a human being.

\\*Some points improvement self*\\

  • You must be honest with yourself and with others.
  • A great key self respect is knowledge.
  • The more embrassed you are, the more your feet will respect you.
  • Always speak truth any situation.
  • Not cross limit.
  • Not speak loudly.
  • Other people will like you because you think you are good.
  • Not broke trust people in any situation.
  • No jokes in every one and no lough in every time
  • Respect gave in every person children,old, young,woman because you gave respect and you take respect.



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