Self improvement

research has shown that the during morning is where you can decide to self improve because at that time the mind is fresh,so every morning l look at the mirror and ask myself if am ready for the day and the perfect answer is yes,l will never get up to a bad attitude in the morning,even though l didn't eat last night,or l have no money or am living in poverty it doesn't matter l will still say that it's going to be a great day and great things will happen because God woke me up meaning he isn't through with me ,so every body no matter the situation l will always be hopeful and have faith so that it can make the impossible to become possible,l will push and push until l get to where l want to be : exercise everyday and get a great body shape,read all the books that increase knowledge in my craft,l won't stop until l get better from the person l was yesterday,live through hope and faith that it's possible to change and improve the situation

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