Self-grooming is mandatory to appear clean and well maintained. It boasts an individual’s confidence to develop an attractive personality. For most of the women, personal grooming does not necessarily mean applying loads of makeup and wearing those designer labels. It refers to accept your body the way it is, and to groom its every part in the best manner for an overall maintaining appearance. Today, let’s check out some easy tips that go a long way in enhancing the appearance of women.


You can take 5 neem leaves and wash it thoroughly. Boil those leaves in pure water and keep it overnight. The next morning, as you wake up just splash those neem water on your skin to remove the dirt and guard your skin against bacteria.

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I am an Ayurveda lover and I go for natural oils. I choose TRU HAIR Herbal Hair Oil to oil the hair. TRU Hair oil is prepared based on the ancient Ayurvedic Script. It is a combination of 13 novel herbs with age-old healing practice.

  • Tru Heater warms the oil at around 65 degrees* within 4 mins. It allows you to be tension free from overheating
  • This Warm Hair oil increases blood flow in the scalp and nourishes your hair with all essential nutrients, promoting healthier hair
  • Just the right amount of warmth is best for your hair


You can choose for any good organic potato powder. Potato Powder is packed with vitamins C, B1, B3, and B6 and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. It contains antioxidants that protect your skin from environmental damage caused by pollution and exposure to the sun. Hence, it’s no surprise that the potato is super beneficial for skin. Get rides of those ugly spots, marks, and blemishes. Delays the signs of ageing. It has Skin lightening effects.

How to use it on Skin: Potato Face Pack for Skin Whitening: Take 1 tablespoon potato powder, 2 tablespoons honey. Blend it well and apply to your face and neck. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes (until it dries) and then wash it off. Reduce the Appearance of Dark Circles: Make Potato powder paste by adding water. Apply it to the outer side of the eyes. Leave it for 20 minutes then rinse with cool water, and pat dry. Repeat twice a day.


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The night is the perfect time to revitalize your cells. Take some mint (pudina) leaves. Crush it and add few drops of glycerine to it. Apply this face pack before heading to sleep. Mint leaves improve the skin's texture and remove the blemishes of the facial skin.

Apart from your looks, basic etiquettes are very important for the overall self-grooming. One should smile which is often considered as a friendly gesture. Use courtesy words like ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ more often. The way you speak, walk, stand and sit should be taken care of. While speaking, your choice of words should be good so that you appear intelligent and polished.

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