See Reason Why 75% Of People Are Not Involved In Politics

Politics as it seems is the heart of a nation. Without politics the level of orderliness attained may not be as it is now. It involves governance and rulership, a larger percentage of Nigerians tend to shy away from politics or disdain it. Some like they would say have their reasons for doing it. The question now comes why are 75% of people not involved in politics.


1. They see it as a dirty game: To the public, they see politics as a dirty game, a game which takes a lot to come out alive and be successful. Democracy remains an incredibly positive notion. They think only greedy and ambitious people involve in politics, they think a lot of dirty things are done in order for one to have a strong foothold and this discourages a lot of persons from involving in it.


2. They have the mentality that vote doesn't count: Many persons say with or without me somebody will win the election, they feel results would always be manipulated and the elections rigged. They that their vote won't decide the result of the election. Just imagine if a thousand persons think that same way, that why the need to vote. This factor has massive effect on the population. They feel a vote can't make a difference which is entirely wrong.


3. Dislike of politicians: some people don't vote because of the negative opinions they have about politicians. They believe about 80% of politicians forget the people who voted them in and the reason for that, they would say anything to get elected and once in office they don't represent their interest. Most persons hate and dislike politicians, they dislike the unthoughtful character towards the masses, some people have built up a hill of hatred.


4. Lack of trust in government: Most of masses trust in the government have been watered down. Because they see that year to year the politicians state manifestos that at the end was not fufiled, most a times they are promised, good governance, good roads, rehabilitation of some sector of the economy and subsidy which they end up not getting. Due to this lack of trust, they don't see any reason to participate in politics.


5. Government may have failed them: Most of high hopes the masses build and put on the government to help them were destroyed, they've lost hope on the government. The development and growth they expected from the government, stabilization and economic stability they desired, the heart cry of the masses are still to be met. To them the government has failed them and there is no need to care of the political condition of the nation.


In conclusion, I'll say we all build a good attitude towards the political activity in our country and ensure things are done the right way. Hope this article was helpful.


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