Secrets Exposed! Why Youths Neglect Counsel Of Parents And Guardian

We are now in a world where everyone thinks he/she is wise and does the right thing. The same applies to the youths of this generation. Most parents bleed in their hearts seeing their children going against their wish, seeing them act by their own reasoning. Most of the cause of this is not from the parents, so many factors are to considered when entering a conclusion. The secrets behind the reasons why youths of this generation don't take advice from parents is because;


1. The society around them: This is the number one factor to consider, the society we see today has much influence than the words most parents emphasize on. The environment one is exposed to has a lot to play in one's disposition and way of living. Consider a child who grew up in a street full of hoodlums and touts, without any restricted it is 100% possible that such a child would one day become a hoodlum.


Parents should make sure the area they live in is free from bad vices, if not possible for one to relocate, one should have tight restrictions for your child's movement and make sure all possible contacts that would infuse this vices into them are cutoff. Because if affected by this vices it will hard for them to take advice from you except you are a persistent one.


2. Influence of friends: The friends your children keeps matters a lot, some youths tend to listen to friends more than their parents. For the sake of friendship, they tend to keep up and in the process go against the teachings of their parents, thereby acting on their own will.


Parents are to be careful with the friends they allow their children to keep company with, I didn't say you should make them a loner, but by all possible means curb any form of unhealthy relationship only then can you keep your children under your guidance and shun every form of wilfulness.


3. The desire to keep up with the trend: The world we are in today is a constantly changing world with new trends, a lot of things hovering in the internet, youths are trying to keep up with the trend. You may not blame 100% because the global world today has a lots of things trending and it's drawing the attention of many youths.


Even when a parent advices the child not to imbibe or succumb to the vices it's very hard for the child to keep the pace and distance from such. Parents have a lot of role to play by counseling their children and most their counsel fall on deaf ears because they neglect one important ingredient, which is diverting their attention from the trends, keep them busy with other things meaningful in life.


4. Lack of discipline during early childhood: Most parents blame it all on the children not knowing they are the cause of the predicament. Most parents go soft and too easy on their children during their childhood, they are ignorant of the fact that the children's way of living will one day become a lifestyle.


Most parents spoil their children during childhood, letting them talk back at them, petting them for wrong doing without tackling their wrong behavior and you know that the more a plant grows from being a seedling the more the stem becomes harder, same with the children. They did not impress necessary discipline when needed, but acted out of reflex and left them spoilt. The child then grows with a backbone to disrespect and look down on your counsel and teachings, they only take counsel from outsiders.

Most importantly groom your children well. Hope this article was helpful.


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