Research on how social factors can affect our health,and how the aged people can still use experience to solve problems

Resarchers report that the health of an individual stars deteroriating at the age of fifty or later in some people and some never experience deteroriating health at all ,Isn't that amazing?But it all depends on habits the individual has when they are as young as twenty,it has been prooved that a sixty year old who has experience in basketball game,can compete with a faster less experienced thirty year old,so it's true that what is phsicaphys lost during aging due to wear and tear can be replaced by experience;So ageism which is discrimination against the elderly is invalid and not necessary ;Did you know that females can get to give birth even at an earlier age like eleven years , Unusual right?But it's possible in 1979 there was a case where an nine year old gave birth to a seven pound baby,the condition is known as precocious puberty;whereby due to growing up in conditions of family stress experience behavioraland psychological problems that stimulate earlier puberty onset to reproductive readiness

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