Psoriasis Cure

They say God give the toughest battle to his toughest soldier, sad to say, we dont have a voice to speak but only to accept to survive.

It was a hot humid summer, when a felt something itchy on my scalp. I didnt paid attention to what the itchness happening. It just take a bath thinking it was only dandruff that is causing the itchness. Weeks months pass, The situation started to get worst. Its like snowflakes falling from my head. I choose to see a doctor and it was psoriasis.

The doctor said it was a rare disease and some of patient cases was hereditary. Doctor prescribe medicines. I cut my hair into bald.

After some medicine intake nothing seems to happen. I was losing hope but being positive I look for what is possible solution.

Stress was the first reason, second is the food we eat, The third is alcohol and cigarettes.

To stay calm and stress free as I can be, I let go and made my own killswitch to my anger. Sounds difficult, when you think less your mind will be at ease. 

Foods are also the cause to trigger psoriasis. The red beef, vegetables like eggplant, tomato and potato. Potato chips, French fries, everything that has potato I avoid. Milk and creamer was also prohibited. 

Taking medicines, also take some vitamins. Vit E, fish oil capsule and a brand of mangosteen capsule name Doc Samaritan Xantone plus for years. 

I was 30 years old when i was diagnose with Psoriasis now im 36 years old. I already accept the fact that I had to live everyday having psoriasis. 

My advice to person ms who had psoriasis is to keep yourself away from anger, being angry, avoid foods that may cause inflamation. Minimize vices. And do some exercise under the sun. 


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