The Silva Method was founded by Jose Silva in the year of 1960. It brings a higher level of consciousness that leads to increased memory power, focus in concentration and good extrasensory perception (ESP). When you sleep your brain automatically goes to theta state of mind, but as you wake up it enters into the alpha state for the initial hours. After that, your brain goes to the beta state of mind throughout the day. When practising the Silva method your brain goes to alpha state, where only the right hemisphere of your brain works. The Silva Method can be practised by joining the course or doing your own.

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On your first day start counting from 100 to 1 from backwards only focusing on the count. You would get distractive thoughts, but as you continue to practice this, for at least 50 days, you would experience less interrupted thoughts. Then you can believe that you had gone to the alpha state of mind. The Silva Method can be done before your sleep to get quality sleep. The practice of the Silva method has proved to improve the concentration and memory levels of school children. The alpha state of mind can be done to visualize your thoughts also for the manifestation purpose. You can work with the intentions when you practice the Silva method. You can enter the alpha state while you meditate to sharpen your focus.

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  • Increased memory power and focus
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Extrasensory perception
  • Quality sleep
  • Improves productivity at workplace

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