The Personal Conscious


Every human being on the planet evolves and grows in consciousness in seven well defined stages. Each stage focuses on a particular existential need that is common to the human condition. These seven existential needs are the principal motivating forces in all human affairs.  

The personal conscious begins at birth and continues to develop across the life span. It is the only part of the person that is fully revealed to that person. These conscious thoughts consist of easily retrieved memories and current and recalled feelings and emotions. As the personality develops, the personal conscious becomes more and more unique. This process allows the person to become more self-aware and is known as individuation The ego is the center of personal consciousness and has the executive function for organizing thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and emotions. The ego provides the foundation, stability, and organization for the personality by selecting which thoughts, emotions, and memories are recalled or experienced The personal conscious and personal unconscious balance each other and are in a constant state of flux with content flowing back and forth. There is a self-regulatory function of the psyche that leads to psychic health.

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