Once there was this beautiful young woman ,She was one of a kind ,The way how beautiful  her heart is no one could not take away that humblness from her .This beautiful Story within her Life She been dreaming of this perfect day , A day with great joy and full of Love, Her eyes can capture the sweetest love ,But for her She wouldn't change her mind, Holding on to something so powerful and Loveable.

The smoothness of her skin,that shineThe beauty of her heart ,She was only for the one that welcome her with great honour ,Every night goes by she look up in the bright sky and call on the stars ,If you are my blessing let shine one me .

 This blessed woman can only say by the look in her eyes showing this great power ,This great ,Love  and all that is been see in her perfect will, She will Know how dare it is to climb this hill. All is taken to the right choice she made, Holding on more closer to her dream, Seeking the wisdom she need.

Holding on  tight to the right path, Searching for the most ways to bring that great love .As she think  how , Where or when it will happen ,As the moments is free to come closer ,And the heart speak to her saying all I have is to wait ,As the wind blow , As the rain fall with many blessing i shall wait in great patience. As the days goes by she have waited with great patience knowing, That no one can not take aways that greatest Love from her .

As the dusty wind blow  and the light darken over The warmest place in the twight of an eyes through the glowing night in the eyes of the bright love the best is to come .


                  AUTHOR BY: Meda Joanah Sieusankar 

© All Rights Reserved

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