Do you have the belief that Parallel Universe really exists?

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Scientists speculate there is another universe out there — we might live in a set of infinite or parallel universes called a "multiverse". Infinite universes are a consequence of various scientific theories. If for an example, spacetime truly goes on forever it might start repeating eventually called as "Kalachakra", since particles can only be arranged a finite number of ways. This sounds like a very similar movie experience to the Dr.Strange movie, right? But if,... it's true ??

A multiverse could also arise from "bubble universes," pockets of space in an inflating universe that are never able to meet; or parallel universes, where multiple 3D universes are held in higher-dimensional space, unable to interact. While some universes in a multiverse might be like our own, others could have wildly exhibit different laws of physics and fundamental constants.

Quantum Realm

"A reality where all concepts of time and space become irrelevant as you shrink for all eternity."―Hank Pym

The Quantum Realm is a dimension in the Multiverse only accessible through magical energy, mystical transportation using a Sling Ring, rendered by tremendous subatomic shrinking caused by the Pym Particles or a Quantum Bridge. In the Quantum Realm, space and time are believed to be irrelevant.

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Can two dimensions of reality exist at the same time?

Physicists can lead us to the quantum realm of the multiverse. Currently Researchers, conducted experiments to answer a decade-old theoretical physics question about "duelling realities". This tricky thought experiment proposed that two individuals observing the same photon could arrive at different conclusions about that photon's state and both of their observations would be correct.

For the first time, scientists have described the thought experiment published on February 13 in the preprint journal arXiv, indicated that when observers described different states in the same photon, the two conflicting realities both experienced may be true. [The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics], sounds astonishing right? "You can verify both of them," study co-author Martin Ringbauer, a Postdoctoral researcher with the Department of Experimental Physics at the University of Innsbrück in Austria, had stated on Live Science.

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