Palak Parota

Preparation of making Palak Parota





1. Palak


2. Salt


3. Turmeric powder


4. Chilli powder


5. Garam masala


6. Oil


7. Water


8. Wheat flour



1. First, Take the palak leaves in a bowl and wash them thoroughly.


2. Place the leaves in a mixer, Pour some water and grind them until the liquid consistency is formed.



1. Now, take a bowl.


2. Take 2 cups of wheat flour.


3. Add salt as per your taste.


4. Add 1&1/2 tea spoon chilli powder


5. Add pinch of turmeric powder.


6. Add 1 tea spoon of Garam masala.


7. Pour water and mix all the ingredients well.


8. kneed them to a soft dough.


8. Apply oil all over the dough and keep it a side for 20 minutes.



1. Spread some flour on the slab.


2. Take a small portion from the dough and make it into a round ball.


3. Place the ball on the slab and roll it like a chapati using rolling pin.



1. Lit the stove.

2. Take a thava.


3. Place the rolled chapati on the thava.


4. Apply oil on both the sides of chapati.


5. Wait until the golden spots are formed.

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