Pain of a woman



Those nine months are indeed, the most difficult phases,

When her child grows inside, with different steps and stages,

The pain she bears when gestation, is typically unbearable,

And such is a pregnant woman, who stays mum, because of her nature.


The bones that crack, for the baby to come out and see the world,

And if not, then still births are still the worst nightmares ever,

Wearing lose clothes, and not being able to bend enough,

A mother knows, how her baby develops, while she cares for her.


The nights she has to stay awake, and keep singing songs,

To going bathroom, yet not being able to pick the fallen thorns,

Those three months are indeed, filled with lots of uneasiness,

Yet she breathes deeply, caressing her tummy during those days.


If her baby is aborted, or miscarriage takes place then,

Can she cry over her baby, or lament that she couldn't hug her pain?

The muscles that contract, and relax to push a living seed,

A lady when pregnant knows, how difficult it is to stay positive. 


After you're born, she'd pick you up with immense love and patience,

Can you spend your live, in giving her back the same love in traces?

Do you know how painful was it for her, to keep you with her?

Still you disregard her, and send her faraway, to some old age home. Fair?


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