PAIN OF A GIRL (Expectations )


I was born a girl and i wanted to fly,

But the society expected me to get married and birth boys to run dynasty without being shy.


When i started ignoring their talks,

They expected me to get reduced to ashes by their slut shame advice.


When i started to rebel against their notions and opinions,

They labelled me as rebel and sent me to ashram to tame my wings to turn me civilian.


When i wanted to study hard to do something big in life,

They tried to control my life,study and mocked me for being girl and seeing how i survive.


When they forcefully get me married to a monster,

The society expect me to tolerate his abuses,bruises and worship him as star.


When being girl,i filed for divorce,

They blamed me,assassinated my character and called me witch and whore .


When a girl is raped,they will blame her only for her clothes and actions,

This patriarchal society expect girl to be submissive and their slaves despite being killed multiple times in fractions.


Why society is of double standard when there is talk for right of girl,

Why their hearts shrinks, abuses,miseries,exploitation only bubbles.


Expectations really kills happiness,

Just live the way you want and don't tame your sassines

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MRS. BUSHRA JAMAL D/O- MD. JAMALUDDIN EDUCATION--Graduation(English Hons). HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION-- WITH SCIENCE This is Bushra Jamal,she was born in the district of Patna she has studied in English school, she has done intermediate in science and she has done her graduation (IGNOU) in English honors. She is from simple middle class family with younger brother and sister. She was married in 2016. Since 2017 she wrote English poems and short stories also. She is the mother of a child. In 2021, she published, her first book -6year girl abused,which is written in english. She worked as a co - author in many book. 1--अन्नदाता( किसान व उनकी परेशानी)in which she has written very good poetry is in hindi. 2-सपनों की सीरी- (तैयारी जीत की) In this book also he has given a very beautiful poem is in hindi 3-पिता-(एक आसमान)In this book, he has given a poem which is in English. 4)पिता- in this book she wrote a beautiful poem for her father. 5)शब्दों का जादू - she wrote a poem on gullak. She appears a lot of Shayari,Poem, Short Stories. She Writes in both languages ​​English and Hindi. They like to write, it has become their passion in writing. "Pen for me is like weapon, I can describe my emotions, which modify written