I walk up to Grace's door. Hesitant to knock, I take a step back but knowing I have nowhere else to go, I proceed to knock. She answers with a groan and I hear footsteps approaching the door. I suck my breath in as the door swings open. Grace looks confused at first but after realizing who's at the door, her eyes widen so much, they look like they're about to pop out.

"Jane?" She says, almost as a question. Before I realize, tears have formed in my eyes. I speak out in an almost whisper, "hey".

Grace proceeds to hug me tightly, going on about how much she missed me. She walks me into her apartment and offers me food. Due to the hunger I suffered over the past few days, I gladly accept.

Once we are done eating, Grace allows me to relax before asking what happened over the past few months. I sobb and sobb until Grace asks again. A sigh escapes my lips as I begin to tell Grace about my escapade.

"Dave used me, Grace. He ruined my life". I mention while crying.

"What really happened?" She asks in concern.

"He and his friends used me for their pleasure. I couldn't say anything to people that came to visit. I couldn't leave the house....I thought he was taking me to a modelling agency, he took me to a place he shared with his friends instead. They raped me and beat me whenever they felt like. I cried everyday, Grace. I should have listened to you when you told me he was suspicious. If I had known, I would have stayed back here. I'm sorry". I put my head down in shame while sobbing.

"Hey, come here." Grace says softly and hugs me comfortably. "At least you're here now, you're safe."

I look up at Grace with no hope in my eyes. I shake my head rapidly while stammering, "I...I...."

Grace looks worried. "You what Jane?"

"I killed him, Grace. I attempted to run away but he caught me. I stabbed him with the knife my eyes landed on while he was beating me. I have murder on my hands, Grace."

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