I watched how she struggled to control the child from running to the road side, and tried balancing the bags on her shoulders almost at the same time. 


I took pity on her, walked 

faster and got closer to her, greeted her and ask that I help hold the bag and baby. Her face lightened up as she says "thank you anty"


We got talking, I asked her to slow down and walk gently as she was heavy. 


Then I noticed a man was walking right behind us(not too close) saying some things in his dialect.  I recollected that I had passed him while trying to catch up with the woman.


Shortly, he was right behind us and he shouted at the woman, and I quote "will you walk fast, let me not get to the bus stop before you. Are you the first to get pregnant, abi belle na sickness?" 


I looked at her in surprise, and asked "who is he?


"He's my husband" she replied with tears almost dripping from her eyes.


I froze! 


I calmly said to myself "holy spirit, please help me" because I was infuriated and pained. That man deserve to be [email protected] mercilessly. 


I was still in that mood when she said "anty thank you, make I walka fast make him no come meet me, I no want wahala" as she hurriedly took her bag from me and reached out for her child's hand. 


I watched as she kept struggling with the hyper-active child and heavy bag, while the horseband was cat-walking behind them with his hands in his pocket.


Tears dropped from my eyes. 😿 


Dear singles, 


May we not marry what we cannot explain.

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