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Business pulse: Number (s) and ratio


 Everything that is monitored improves!


 Network marketing is generally the number one game!  The thing I like the most about this business is the forecast!  In every way, this is the simplest business to be done on earth, because keeping in mind only a few numbers, you can manage your entire business!  There is a very simple rule for this!


 What is your main business number?


 1) How many names are there in your prospect list?


 2) How many new names are you adding to your prospect list every week?


 3) How many new prospects do Hat Week bring to your business presentation?


 4) How many home meetings are being held in your team per week?


 5) How many new rank / pin Achievers have you planned for this month?


 4) How many product training workshops are happening in your team this month, and how many people are joining it?


 4) How many people in your team are continuously receiving weekly / monthly income?


 4) How many people in your team are full timers and how many people are you thinking of making full timers in this month?


 4) How many distributors in your team show plans every day?


 If you know your numbers and if you work on those numbers and try to improve them, then you are definitely growing into a stable and developing business!

 I have seen people telling stories about how they work hard and sacrifice every day, but when you ask them to write those numbers on paper, a different truth comes out!  Many people will tell you how hard they are working, but they are not getting the right results!  If you ask them to write their numbers on paper, then it will be known that the problem is not in the results, but the work is being done!  In my long career of this business, I have learned that do not judge any person by talking, appraise them by number!  Never ask them how their business is going, just ask their number!


 There will be two main benefits from this!


 1) The discussion that will take place will be on development and not person centered!


 2) There will be no accusation or criticism of any kind, the numbers will show themselves as mirrors!  Looks like the perfect picture!

 Numbers are not only good for reviewing the team, but with this we can also review ourselves and improve ourselves!


 We are in the business of numbers, the relationship between different numbers is called ratio.  Ratios define the relationship between two different numbers in such a way that if you change one number in the ratio, the other number changes automatically in the same ratio!  Ratios set the roadmap for your success!  We have to understand three aspects of the ratio!


 Understand your ratios, work according to your ratios and improve your ratios!


 Understand your ratio:


 If you keep an eye on your number and proportion, then you will feel that your success and failure in this business is not based on anything other than number!  In fact, your success is not based on your ability to sell to a large extent, it is based on your time management skills, so that you can show more and more presentations!


 Success is a game - the more times you play, the more times you win, and the more times you win, the more successful you play the game!

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