Me & My thoughts 

I don't know where I'm heading to, I don't know where the hell this life is taking me to. My all friends know what they want to do in their life. I'm the only one who don't know wtf I'm going to do. There's a flooded emotions and puzzled thoughts that led me into taking rash decisions. I'm wondering my mind is all trashy now, I'm becoming  "traslazinsomiac"(trashy +lazy + insomnia) all in one. I don't know if the almighty also left me aside now. The sleepless and teary nights making me zombie- the lazy, no mental power creature who don't know where he is going , just going heartlessly, effortlessly and feelingless.

These thoughts making me futile yet there's this inner fire that's making me alive day by day. That one day I'll head into right track. As human being is alive only is there's anxiety, sleepless nights and flooding of thoughts; if not then I'm dead not ALIVE, RIGHT!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK??

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