New wave

When the wind blows it ascertains old doubts

Tightens loose strings and firms wavy curls.

Setting - a new hope.

It empties barrels of irateness & hovers

Over a roar of a love song pivoted within.

Suggesting - a new direction


                The wind, when it blows it speaks.


It talks of letting go of a worry by a wee soul

To embrace giggles, laughs and smiles

No more mustiness to hang and fib goodness

With mediocre moods.


             The wind, when it blows it sings


A lullaby, so brightly colourful

Like a butterfly on its flight

The tune reverberates truth and freedom

For a cocoon, there is hope to grow and fly.

New rays, new breath.


         The wind, when it blows it puffs.

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