Natural botox at home

I love to dwell on nature for my health and beauty. The painful Botox makes you look younger in an unnatural way. When nature can give you a natural botox, practising the natural techniques can enhance your beauty, keeping the injections and chemicals at bay. Hibiscus 🌺 flower has an amazing antioxidant property called anthocyanins, that can boost the collagen levels of your skin.

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Hibiscus has elastin that keeps your skin firm. When we are ageing our skin produces "elastase"- an enzyme that breaks your elastin and makes you look aged. By the appropriate use of hibiscus flowers on the face and skin, you would get a youthful glow. Hibiscus makes your skin to brighten, glow and remove the acne marks.

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Hibiscus has Vitamin C for naturally enhancing your collagen, to make your skin look plumpy and healthy.

Hibiscus face pack

You can prepare the homemade face mask to brighten your skin as well to firm it up.

Take 3 fresh flowers of hibiscus, wash it in water and remove the petals. Grind the hibiscus petals in a blender and add 1 tablespoon of gram flour with 2 tablespoons of curd. Your handmade face pack is now ready. Apply this pack on your face and tanned areas of the skin. Keep the pack for 20 minutes and rinse off with water.

Your homemade natural botox is ready. Use this thrice per week to remove your wrinkles and fine lines. Give a try of youthful glow with the hibiscus.

Benefits of Hibiscus for skin

* Anti-aging


*Collagen production

* Brightens the skin

*Plumpy skin


*Tan removal

*Evens out the skin colour

*Firms the skin

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