Your dad is the assistant bible coordinator in some years ago in our fellowship, while I am a fresher then, but i am among those that were shortlisted for the upcoming executive

Fortunately, maybe it was God's plan, i can't say, but among those present excos then, he was the one that did all the five interviews for me in their tenor, to God be the glory, i was the one that occupied his office then, which mean i was also appointed the assistant bible coordinator of our set


During the interview, that was when i developed my love for brother Peter, he was so spiritual, handsome in and out, his humility was something else, his hospitality was what i could not explained, he was a real representative of God on earth

Before the last interview, i was in my room when my phone rang, it was brother peter, he asked me to come to the fellowship so we can have a special prayer together, that we should tender our heart desire to the most high, because the Lord want to answer some prayers, so He need people that can pour out their heart desire

It was around 7:33pm already, we both promised to meet around 7:00am in the next day before worker's meeting, because it was Sunday evening 

I got to the church around 6:43am, waiting for brother Peter, it was around 7:05am before his arrival


Sister Ruth, please am sorry for coming late behind schedule, he pleaded, and i accepted his apology immediately


Within the few minutes, we worshiped, sang and prayed

When it's come for our main prayer point, than i did the uncommon, which brought in you this Nifemi

To be continue........


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