Dear Ash Sis,

Life has given me a good karma of you being my sister. We talked together, walked together, ate together and grew together. Memories of our days kindle up leaving me in an emotional ride of happiness and care we have towards each other.

You were my first friend of the life since childhood. Our Mumbai days of enjoyment right from sitting on the balcony, playing together, having fun together, and going to school together were the amazing days of my life. You taught me so many things in my life, being my first role model and a guide. Though miles apart you always stay at my heart.

As you always say "Blood is thicker than water". Yes, it's true.....blood would always remain thicker than water. I am glad to be your sister and I find joy in remembering the mischievous act we did. You know every nook and corner about me, So as I...My heartfelt wishes for your birthday...Missing you dear...

Happy Birthday šŸŽ‰ to you...

*A special dedication to Ashmi sis...

With profound love,

Jose Heavena Fernando

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