My love life

My love life 



I drank a sip of the drink , I felt dizzy for a second.

Suddenly , I felt a hand push me out.

Then I suddenly fell.

It took me time to understand what happened.


I woke up in a room.

My heart was beating fast 

I was thinking the unholy had happened.



But suddenly I heard a familiar voice.

The voice cleared the doubt.

It was Veronica's lodge.

Holy shit.

What was I doing in a girls lodge.

Don't get me wrong.

I wasn't able to recall last night's event.

Veronica Said ," hey why did you go to a party ".

I was like," wait I went to a party"


She was a bit mad and angry.

But she shoved the vexing with a smile 

One  of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.

I finally asked.

"What am I doing in your room"

She said, you were drugged by someone, I dragged you out before you passed out."

She was laughing, sarcastically.


I was mad at omolola' for inviting me to the party but I found out , actually it was my fault


I had to apologise.,

"Veronica can you please for  forgive me".

She wasn't budging.

I had to go on my knees.

It wasn't the kind of thing I would do.

To kneel down and beg a girl🤢🤮🤮

But I had to do the needful


Her roommate accidentally entered as I was begging her.

I was a bit ashamed.

But , I wasn't looking at the shame but it will bring

I was looking at  the love I was throwing away.


She finally looked at me.

And she said.

" I will forgive under one condition

You will never tutor any other girl ".

I couldn't say yes but I had to .

See what love dey do pesin.

Wahala ,I have to stop using girls to cash out.


I left her room.

As I entered my room.

My roommate used laughter to welcome me.

Omo laughed sarcastically


Sha ,when I came in to the room I didn't notice any other person.

Till I heard a sweet voice.

I turned to see who the angel was.

It was a girl.

And I knew who this girl was.

Buy I couldn't recall.

Who was she.


Who who????

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