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I am saloni yadav and I am from lucknow . This is my first article I want to share my days  how it is going. 

So, today is independence day. Happy independence day to all☺. Now I am starting from my family 👪first. In my family four members are their my father , mother and elder brother and last one me. I am smaller then my brother he always disturb me . Nowadays he is not with me he is in our village where my grandma and grandpa leave. I am here for my studies 😅. But I am not interested in studies. Nowadays my family is facing lots of financial problems due to COVID-19🦠😷. I am in +2 . Now I tell about my father. He lives in Delhi he is engineer. I love my dad so much. But he never realize my love. He always think that I am not good he thinks this because I am not concentrate on my studies this is the reason he hates he always scold me. But he is my father I always love him 🥰 . And in family I love my mother she supports me in all . But sometimes I get angry with her because she also scold me without any reason she loves my brother . After all he is the journey of her oldage. 

              I will discuss my life days everyday here.. 

               Thank you❤

                   Saloni yadav

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