My flies

Kanika was born in 2002 . 12 june was the very first day when she came to this world and from that day she started struggling with life, because she wanted to survive in this world. The world that meant later to be full of harshness, heartbreaking, clueless and hardest with the time. As she was growing challenges were increasing with the core of difficulties. Physical illness, mentality disturbances, lack of friends all these problems ruined her childhood.  She lost her inner child, even though being a child she started thinking like an maturely experienced person towards the life. Then during her schooling her inner pain burst out into bloody words , later then she start writing .

People were shocked to see that how she made up verses, rhyming with the concept of eye opening messages. She was creating her path of happiness by searching her values in this world.  She found a way to keep herself happy,  she stated smiling.  Now she was ready to face all the problems, she felt herself like a warrior who would save her.

She stopped searching any support from people because they created negativity around, they pulled her every time. They taunted her for her abnormal physical issues 

But you know what she started ignoring them even though she couldn't say anything to them because she knew the real pain , she went through by commenting and even goes on still. You know what she told once that hurting someones feelings again and again is the best way to murder someone and she don't want to do so. 

All just she wants is to spread positivity and smile so that you can be a part of someone's happiness and it's they best feeling ever. She sees hope and new beginnings in her struggle and what's about you??? What are you expecting from your life!!! I sure it would be positive;




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