My Father

My Father

My first love is my father. My father is my hero like a Superman. I am very happy with my father. My father is real hero. My father is my very close friend. I love my father very much. My father never angry with me. My father is very handsome her smile is killer. I am very respect my father. My father is my life. My father  everyday wake up early in the morning and  join to gim then started workouts . He can believe hardworking. My father is very hardworker . My father eat fit and healthy diet plate. 

My father name is Gagat man waiba . He is fifty years old.My father is a driver . He drived  to company’s car Company name is Yemek Doha Catering Service in Qatar .He never chit her company he is very hardworking.My Father get early in the Morning everyday 4 am then work starts her duty . My father didn’t waste her time and my father teach me the time values and he say “the time is very important of woman life” so didn’t time waste. My father is head of my family. He know the her responsibility. He is physical fitness and strength,strong driver record , Navigation, good costume service, no any negative records in her driving life .My father is my favorite person who is the best in this world 🌎. He is my hero like a Superman. He don’t show any problems in family members.He is very hardworking person. My father is very different I love my father .He don’t show any big problem in family. He loyal in my mom and my family. He always give her family members to happiness. He know that how to loved her family. He is best of the son her mom and dad . My father is loyal and perfect person with my mom . My father is best father of this world . My father also best her friends. He know how to the time manage . He can believe hardworking. My father didn’t show her problems but when i problems he solved my problems. My father always fulfill all my dreams. My father is my best friend. My father take care of my all family members. My father teach to me good and bad habits. My father is tall and healthy person.My father is black but very handsome. My father is dimple man when he smile and talk to any words then show her dimple  . My father is very handsome. I love my father. I respect my father. I can trust my father. My father trust me . My father is my life. My father is very strong . My father can believe hardworking.

My father is best father in my life. My father is godgift to me. My father is very hardworking man. My father is always be happy. I feel very lucky. I trust my father and he also trust me. He is my hero. My father is dog and cat lover . My father loved any dogs and cats he feeds the strays of our society. My father is very soft hearts. I love my father very-very much. I Love   my father.

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