Moving To Believe That Every Solution Is For Every Trouble


Allowing my unhelpful and destructive lifestyles and mentalities to be repulsed, I opted to never sit with misery and let my self to be overstruck by frustration. I turned now to believe that I can be competent at controlling how I can respond to everything and every matter coming my own way. It is essential and so crucial I avoid surrendering and reclining to awe when failure can be experienced, as every failure is only an introduction to every success and hope is the only weapon which can defy the failure. This new belief has streamed into my head recently when I remembered that the excellent examples of success and leadership went through many toils and difficulties and shocked through many failures and deceptions.This belief is well strengthened and sustained in my mind when also I have seen that every trouble I get trapped in is never remains without a remedy to fix it.Nevertheless, my long-standing procrastination and idleness are the root cause of screwing up everything and making it go out beyond proportion. The simplest and most accurate principle that I choose to follow and make as the very base for my self is “that For Every Problem, There Is The Solution ,And The Solution Can Be Taken From Every Alternative And Every Option”.

Yes,this is the very true and permanent essence of who I ought to be and how my life ought to be in firm and strong terms.

Yes,this is the alternative belief by which I can acquire patience, vigilance and perseverance throughout my way to my goals and targets.

Yes,and utterly I've chosen to make a good incentive to positivity and success all of my  sufferances,impairments, difficulties and miseries; everyone despising me,insulting me,belittling me,harming me,humiliating me and placing a blockage against my success and happiness; every failure and every period of weakness I've went through so far...


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