Mother's Love

Mom! As a writer, I can write almost on every topic, but when it comes to mother's love, I fail; fail to describe her undying and unconditional love.

The first person the newborns feel safe and loved is mother. He trusts her more than anyone. A child feels safe in her mother's arms. Even now, when I rest my head on my mother's lap, it feels so good! It's like wandering in the City of Love. No worries, no tension, nothing that comes to mind. What comes to mind is the sweet face of mom.

We feel free to share things with our mothers, because she listens. She knows what's best for us. We shout at her, but she listens, for she knows what her child's going through. Whenever you feel unhappy and despondent, don't go to a park or a friend's house; go where you belong. Go to your mother. Let your head rest in her lap, and feel the blanket of love and comfort enveloping you. And let your ears fill with the words of comfort. Your heart will be calm, you will feel drowsy, and before you know, you will fall asleep. The next day, you will find yourself in your bed. That's mother's love.

Beneath her feet lies your Paradise. Apologise if you have hurt her; before it's too late. Remember, you are too lucky if you have your mother.


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