Morning Routine Of A Working Professional

The morning routine is a buzz-phrase in recent months, but with a good reason. Your morning is fresh and gives you the chance to start your day on the right foot. 

In this post, I will walk you through my morning routine from a working professional perspective. 

Wake Up By 7 Am

My alarm is set at 6.45 am though my work day starts by 9 am. Why exactly 6.45? I have found that 6.45 is the best time that makes me feel well rested, but without groggy. If I sleep until 7, I feel groggy all through the day. If I wake up at 6.15, I feel sleep deprived and tired.

You might have seen videos and read books of successful entrepreneurs saying you need to wake up by 5 am to become successful. 

For myself, I benefit from waking up early between 7-8, my mind is calm and fresh and I have enough time to be productive and work on my hobbies and projects. 

However, it's not necessary to wake up at 7 am. People have different circadian rhythms and sleep preferences and some wake up at 8 am while others at 5 am. 

You must find what time can work for you to have the best day. 

Drink Water On Waking

I drink water as I wake up, and find it parched in the morning. 

Benefits Of Water

Rehydrate your body

Flush out toxins

Improves mental performance 

Improves appearance 

Starts your metabolism 

Make Tea Or Coffee 

If you're a tea or coffee drinker, it's a good time to brew the drink of your choice. The reason I drink tea in the morning is that drinking something warm makes me feel whole. 

Make The Bed

It's easy to make a bed as the first task of the day. I feel my mind is orderly as I make my bed. 


I use the "Wim-Hof" method of breathing, which involves 30-40 power breaths. Holding the breath for a short time and exhaling. This can relieve stress, improve concentration, increase energy, and supply oxygen to the brain and body. 

Productive Work

I read, write, learn or work on my side hustles. I watch 15 minutes of YouTube videos when my mind is still awake. 


I put myself in a comfortable position on the couch and then focus on slow breathing to make myself calm. Then I practice gratitude to uplift and get myself in a positive mood. 


A shower keeps me fresh throughout the day. I generally go for cold showers as it improves the blood circulation, lowers stress, and increases the mood. 

Getting Dressed

I pick my dress the night before and use it after my shower. After I get ready, the morning routine is done. 


I consume a heavy breakfast with carbs to keep myself full. It's healthy to break your fast after a long night. So, plan a healthy breakfast accordingly. 

These are the typical mornings of mine as a working professional. I believe morning routines can make your day productive and fill your mind with peace. 








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