Mistery love

It is said that love is a very beautiful feeling that sometimes becomes life for someone, so let's know about a small love story. There was a boy who was studying his law and there was a girl Everything was going well in the life of a girl who was studying to become her teacher that suddenly the girl's mother dies😭.

Time passed, the situation became normal, one day the girl was going, suddenly she met that boy,💓 nothing special happened between them, but they say that if God wills, then no meeting is the last.

After some time, the girl and the boy meet again and the boy realizes that she is silent, he starts loving her, he also makes the girl feel his love, but after some time something like this happens.

Something happens that the boy has to go somewhere for his studies😩, the girl is sad and says don't go, he doesn't agree and after going there, forgets her and says you forget me, go ahead💔. 

The girl becomes very ill, gets admitted to the hospital💔, then her friends introduce her to other friends in her life and the girl starts to be happy, the boy comes back and is very happy to see the girl with that boy. He gets angry, harasses the girl, gets scared, tries to understand, but he does not agree, and in the end, the girl leaves him and attempt suicide.💔😩

Conclusions- Never disturb someone so much that he leaves your side. Relationships are formed by choice, then they last because without heart, there is only compromise in the relationship.

Life is very beautiful and love is a beautiful feeling, keep it as it is, don't let it go just like that, and live life openly, because what has come has to be known, so keep playing with it, always be happy, keep everyone happy. ❤️😊

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