Mind, body & the depths of your chakras



Reaching within the depths of our inner

being we access absolute peace, joy, & happiness 

as it resonates from our internal existence

we connect with our individual spirituality

Think of yourself as

a puzzle piece once

you connect each piece you perceive the

bigger Picture with clarity of insight

to understand we are a whole with the

collective universe everything is gods creation

It is necessary to align your chakras.

to keep your energy balanced nurturing your

Spirituality to radiate a positive aura




The Mind & brain coexist, They are

Seperate but a wholeness, The mind

does not work without the brain. The

mind is the consciousness of the brains

health & intellect, psychological & neurological 

defects or trauma effects the minds conscious

Perception & cognitive behavior our equilibrium.

Consumption is a Key factor in mental health,

avoid drugs, unhealthy chemicals in Food,

House hold and industrial products we use &

also enviramental contamination. Nurture.

your mental health through proper diet, coping skins

therapy, exercise & Study to regulate

the brain function.




wisdom is born through zen & experience

We must comprehend the symbolic Messages

by understanding every element of enlightenment

that is concieved in our minds we gain 

Freedom of wisdom if we are flexible with our

core beliefs & open minded with our


to connect with the collective consciousness.

as a whole we awaken universal wisdom when

we recognize, acknowledge & take action following

our gut feeling instead of not listening to our

First mind as one would state that phrase it is

the freedom of instinctive wisdom that is instilled 

& breeded in our Dna never experiencing but

understanding enlightenment, insight, intellect

through intuitive wisdom that sets us free



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