Men who really need's them?

I know I'm not the only woman out there who questions why we need men. I know you can't live with them or without them right? But when you sit back and think what are they good for. After recently going through a break-up after 12 years I looked back and asked myself this question. Why? I loved him yes but did I need him no! I worked 40 hours a week and payed my own way he worked part time and I mostly payed for everything. When I look back it's like he was a 3rd child. He never helped pick up he never cooked he never helped me with my daughter's nothing. And I'm not saying that all men are useless, most are very useful, but I've been unlucky in love my whole adult life. Will I still fall for another you bet I will lol. I think we are or were brought up expecting men to be there and provide everything in life for us. We was supposed to be at home be happy take care of the children but what if that's not what makes you happy. What if you need more than someone to take care of you while you sit around. I think that in this day and age girls and women should know their self worth and don't need to just be with a man for security. They should do what makes them happy and if a man wants to tag along and support her way to go. This might just sound like a rant from an older woman(I'm in my 30's) but I try to make my kids see that you can do what you want and be happy with or without a man in your life. And I hope more young women see that and don't just stay with a man cause they feel safe and secure. Because you need to believe in yourself to do it on your own feel secure by yourself. Stand on your own two feet. Do you and do what makes you happy. 

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