Meet Akothee's Sister Cebbie Coks Nyasego

Akothee has a very polite young sister called Cebbie Coks Nyasego. She is a totally different person from Akothee with a very unique character. She is a lover of girl and women empowerment initiative and that makes her mother always so proud of her.

She is also the family book warm as she loves studying so much. She recently graduated with masters in International relations and her family is always so proud of having her as their family member. She is an inspiration to other ladies out there that they need to stand firm for themselves and learn to be independent.

Cebbie is an ever jovial person and there is no time you would find her easily angered by things. She is this person who handles her anger by just being so calm with her self. She is a very positive person and believes in herself that she is able to do everything if she puts determination into it.

She recently got engaged to a very long time boyfriend whom she respects and values a lot. She is this person who takes so long before learning to trust anyone but when she does she always do it with all her heart.

Being a last born in the family, her parents treats her like a queen and love her so much. She is indeed worth loving as she also loves people back. She is very passionate about helping the needy people and that is the main thing she does When she gets to her rural home at any time.

Cebbieis the one person who values reseher body and rarely wears exposing clothes. Unlike her sister Akothee she is a lover of very respectable clothes.


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