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1. Master the opening line

To have a strong introduction,one need to open with a strong first sentence. Tell the reader to imagine ,you can tell an interesting story ,ask the reader a question or use a shoking quotes to raise the attention of the reader.

2.Have something unique to say.

Writing a good article depends on what the author is trying to tell.Forget re-purposing of old articles or rewriting stuff from other people’s websites. If you want to have the reader’s respect and attention, you have to say something they’ve never heard before.

3.Keep it simple.

Keeping the article simple makes the reader feel interesting and reduce the tiresomeness .

4.Speak directly to the reader.

Sparking the imagination is an instant way to draw the reader into the experience of the article.

5.Explain what the article is about and tell a story .

It is said that , certain portions of the brain are activated when a reader thinks about the same mental and physical activity that a character in a story is doing. 

The brain also lights up when it encounters a story.

6.Explain the importance of the article.

Finally , explaining the importance of writing the whole article.

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