Love 💕 is in the Air🌬️


Their once lived a poor, handsome Baker in the kingdom of jhabari. He goes by the name of Zoro. Zoro baked the tastiest treats. Sweets, 🍰 cakes , 🍞 bread you name it! Zoro wasn't rich in gold but he was rich in love & kindness ❤️.

All the beautiful maidens in the kingdom seek is hand in marriage , but he politely declined . He explained to them that he will get married when he finds is true love . But this would not stop them from continuously trying to seduce him. 

 The kingdom of jhabari is ruled by king Julio's , queen onikah & their beautiful daughter princess Kiara. The royalties were well respected and loved because of their undying kindness towards the villager's. But all was not well with princess Kiara. All the maidens spoke I'll of the princess because she was different from them. Princess Kiara is a lover of books & history ,she was very ambitious but decent and polite . But one thing that the princess loved to do in her spair time , was baking . She is very passionate and dedicated when it comes to that. 

One day while the princess was taking a evening stroll with her two palace guards by her side , she smelled a sweet smelling aroma coming from a close by bakery shop. She quickly enterd to see who was preparing.

She entered and walked up to the cake desolate at the front of the shop. She immediately craved for a slice of each. The handsome Baker Zoro in a soft but manly tone asked her if she would like to try a piece of his chocolate cake. She then turned around hurriedly ! When the their eyes connected it was love at first sight. 

The princess and the Baker started to spend alot of time together. He even taught her some tricks and trades about baking tasty treats. 6 months later they got married and lived happily ever after.









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