Little Cabin in the Woods


There I sat, abandoned and alone. The wind had swayed, the storms have came, the birds have sang and the trees grayed. Yet, here I stood.  I don’t know how long I’ve stood but I can assure you that I’ve never been alone. In fact, let me tell you of a man who has stayed with me not too long ago. I think he was an Arborist or something like that. I don’t remember much of what he said within my four walls, but one word has always stuck out to me above the rest. He used to talk about rings all day long. He was fascinated by them for some unknown reason. He talked of big rings, small rings, fat rings, skinny rings, and even obscure rings. He said that the bigger the ring, the longer a tree has stood. He talked about rings so much that I thought that one day he would bring over a girl to put his ring on, but the day never came. I wish I had a ring. If I had a ring I would make sure it was the biggest and most beautiful. Then when a girl would come along and shake her feathers, I could stop and marvel. Sadly, the forest where I live doesn’t permit too many trees suitable for me to give a ring too. I can see across the way, girls who are full of life, but I cannot go to them because I am rooted. The arborist has gone and I am back to being left alone. I would comune with the others, but the only life here is my own. It gets lonely at night being all by yourself and with no animals to brighten my night, I’m left fending on my own. The only lights I do see are when one of my fellow comrades is ablaze. That’s not the light I want to receive. Looking up at the night sky, I have seen shooting stars and have made wishes, but none of them have come true, which makes me believe that all of those shooting stars were just planes flying ahead.


I wish I were a plane. Not much happens in the sky which means that I could fly anywhere. Fire can’t reach up there so I would be safe. Maybe I could even find a friend to fly with. I so wish for the day that...hey…hey...get your own tree to mark on….aaaghh!! 


Oh, the humiliation, the trauma, the sadness, and the grief. Have I been reduced to nothing more then just a dogs Marker? If only the others could see me now, what would they think? I have not a clue for they have been cut up as a Christmas Tree. I mean, that’s a worthy cause, isn’t it? Or maybe, was it a house such as the one ontop of me? I sure hope it was no one I knew. A Christmas tree I guess will do. 


Just for once a year to see the lights of kids faces as they decorate me so. The joy of presents hiding beneath my quills. Ho, ho, ho; let in the snow. I would be wringing in the new year. 


Maybe I should quit, haven’t even seen a Sprig. They’re over their where the grass grows tall and water flows from magic. Here, you’ll find nothing is clear. One could lose there way if they’re not careful, for I have seen many who have failed and met terrible. The smoke is atrocious, the lens are all dirt, and my bark…my bark. My beautiful bark, clinging too by a whim. With a push and a pur, I would fell sure. There that family goes,oh with that dog that I despise so. Who’s next to greet me, any at all? I won’t be a bother, I can even stand tall. Taller then the rest, with roots of stone. Oh if one could just stop and let in the morn. I could hang your cap as you watch the birds from afar. I could hide your prey so none would stray. Just let me something to do, please I pray. It is very lonely here, lonely and drear. 


The Hacksman is back and with a crew. Pick me, Pick me, Pick me I yell. Only if they’d listen, I wish I could sing; but sadly it is not the case. Over here one yells and the other quickly rushes. Cut the one marked, it’ll make for firewood. 


“Daddy, daddy, what about this one,” I hear a lil girl say, as she prances around my branches with glee.


“Sorry, girl, but that ones not marked. Besides, someone must live there. A cabin remains.”


It’s not so, It’s not so, he has left for good. My cries go unanswered as they pull out away. Noooo…..nooooo….I cannot live another day.


Alone again, I’ll just sit here and sway.


“Daddy, daddy, come back. Don’t leave me.”


I stir awake and hear a yell. Up here little girl, you can use my help.


“Megan!!!! Megan!!!! Where are you?”


“Daddy!!! Daddy!!!”


They skys ablaze, voices are heard, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming,” I hear one say.


“Up here, up here. I’m in the house.”


“Stay where you are. I’ll be right up.”


“Sir, what can we do?”


“Bring over the car, and park it there. Megan, stay calm, my girl.”


“Daddy, I don’t think this house is used. 




“Megan, don’t move. Whatever you do, don’t touch anything.”






“I got you. You're safe now.”




“She’s ok.


Megan, I think you’re right. Someone did live here, now that I think of it. He said he was moving onto another part of the woods though, so he was done here. Would you?”


“Oh can I, can I?”


“Megan, I didn’t even say what you could have.”






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