1. Hi! Its a pleasure to meet you, I am also 20 years old, here are some tips that wise people in my life have told me. Lets start with the basics, i believe that there are three major aspects to a human, Mind, Body and Spirit. A tip for a healthier body is to figure out what works for you, there are thousands of diet plans and exercise routines out there, experiment and see which ones work best for your body type. Its worth it to learn how your body works early on in life rather than later. A good couple rules are to get adequate sleep, eat naturally occurring foods, exercise on a regular basis, and practice good hygiene. The habits you establish now, will impact you for the rest of your life, at least that's what ,y mother always said. Second is mind, reading is undervalued and under appreciated in today's society, especially the youth. Always seek knowledge and truth. Pick a topic that truly interests you and learn ALL that you can about it. Truly learn it, not just memorize it for a grade in school. Personally, being a Christian, this habit of learning helps with the third and final part of the human, the Spirit. I read and study the Bible on a daily basis, both improving my spiritual growth as well as my mental growth, in areas such as reading comprehension and literacy. Do you have a faith you can turn to? Have you ever explored that? Another healthy habit to form is time management and multitasking. Being able to make the most out of the free time that you have is a very important skill to a successful life. Best of luck on your endeavors to grow!

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